I Think I Fucked a Unicorn

February 16, 2013

He messaged me.
Sounded good.
We met for dinner.
He was the first man I’ve ever talked to that really “got” cuckolding.
Do you know how much of a relief that is? It means I don’t have to be on guard making sure my husbands needs are truly met, I don’t have to do all the topping.
As it turned out, the next day in fact, I had some of the best sex I think I’ve ever had in my life. Hubby had the best cuckolding experience he’s ever had.
Holy fuck, I think we won the lottery.
So, yah, that happened.




  1. I wanted to write to you as my wife and I are just starting. Her goal is to have me in the corner (like your hubby) but I will be wearing her panties and maybe a nigtie or bra to remind me of my position. I have had a panty fetish since I was very young and her doing this is at my request. I do the house work when she is at work in an outfit she chooses for me. I just wanted to suggest this little twist. I would love for her to have foreplay aqnd then make me wear her wet panties. That would be a total turn on for me.

  2. Wow, what a hot story! If it weren’t for my cock cage right now… my wife needs to call her bull, I think…
    Anyways, I finally started writing in my own blog as well, I would appreaciate your feedback:


    Happy cuckolding!

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