Question to myself

February 16, 2013

Am I having too much sex?
It really is a high, like drugs, good movies or food.

Between Wednesday’s fuck of the century, tonight’s boyfriend sleepover and tomorrow’s all-night 4-way with my favourite couples I might be flirting with “too much”.

I guess it’s how you quantify and define your limits. I’d have to put the needs to shave and to allow the swelling to come down in my much plundered vagina on the list. Oi!

Ha ha, I’m not complaining about anything, except maybe ingrown hairs 😉



  1. Lovely posts, both today’s and the one before. It’s a good think to win at the lottery. Who would want to be iffy about that?

  2. I must echo Robert Richard’s comments – Pearl you post some of the hottest cuck content on the internet – mainly cause its so real. I’m so happy you’re posting with more frequency these days.

    If I were your husband and reading about how this other man gave you “the fuck of the century” my face would be every bit as scarlet as my lace panties. What exquisite humiliation you heap upon your lucky cucky!

    Having too much sex? I guess that’s purely your call, but as long as you’re having fun so will your loyal readers like me.

    Thanks for keeping us updated!

  3. Been a few days since you posted this hot post Pearl and I’m checking back frequently? Do you have an answer to this question you’ve posed yourself yet? Interested cucks want to know!

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