Swollen, Sore and The Running of the Bulls

March 12, 2013

In a good way. The kind of way that makes you grin and giggle, for days, every time you stand up and your hips protests because you’re pretty sure they were nearly dislocated from a fuck so good you never wanted it to end. Or, the first bath you take when the hot water washes over your swollen and abraded vagina, again, from a fuck so good you never wanted it to end.
Not only that but he brought me flowers.

Now that I’ve met a fantastic bull I’m not as focused on finding out what makes a good one but I still think it’s a good discussion topic.
Even what makes a good cuckold or…wife? What’s the term for the wife? Why do I not know this!
Or are the definitions too subjective? Personally, I think there’s enough of a common thread running through each persona/role to make for fine list of qualities including the variations that each of us desire.

I’ve had the good fortune of having a few conversations lately with men interested in what bulls were and whether they fit the profile or not. This leads me to believe I should put out a set of guidelines. What do you think?
I’m sure people would love to contribute 😉

Until next time!

A very sore and happy,


  1. Thanks for another great update Pearl, I’m sure a lot of women are quite envious of you and a lot of the men reading this envious of your husband – and your bulls! Keep the hot times coming, they’re inspiration for the rest of us. 🙂

  2. Whatever happened to Pearl? So busy cuckolding your husband you don’t have time to update us?? :p

  3. I enjoy getting to suck my wife clean after she is pumped full of semen. He likes having me lick his cock clean after he fucks her. Getting my mouth worked on is what I like.
    I know I am a queer that needs a good beating.

  4. “What’s the term for the wife?” I think hot wife is the most consecrated expression.

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