Hello again!

November 5, 2013

I know, I know. My bad.

I’d prefer to be a tad more eloquent in apologizing for my disappearance but I’m still recuperating from being ridden hard and put away happy. Same guy, Alex. God, he’s good.

A few major turning points have occurred since I last posted. The husband and I made a conscious decision to include each other in all our play. A particularly difficult proposition for me because I’m selfish that way but I also recognize that there are many different ways to include a cuckold 😉

We also talked about intimacy. This will have to be a separate post as I feel it’s a rather large topic that hits homes for me and probably a lot of other cuckold couples.

When Alex came over today Hubby was in his lace jock strap and nothing else. He was allowed to lay on the floor and quite enjoyed me straddling his face as I enjoyed 10″ of thick goodness 😉


Until next time! (sooner than later)




  1. Hi Pearl!

    I’m just so glad you came back, I know I”m not the only one, but sometimes a lot of people in their own busy lives just don’t take the time to speak up.

    I’m glad you heeded the call because you do have some faithful followers (no pun intended) including myself. And I”m glad to hear things are well.

    Just so that I fully understand the extent of your poor cucky’s humiliation, by lace jock strap do you mean a women’s thong or g-string? Or is there such a thing as a men’s lace jock strap??

    Cannot wait to hear more about what you’ve been up to, youv’e always been one of my favs. I live in Vancouver too btw so if I could ever get your autograph that’d be cool! 😉

    • Hello Sissy M,

      Thank you for your kinds words!
      Yes, there is such a thing as a men’s lace jockstrap 😉 I bought hubby’s at Priape but I”m sure you can find them online somewhere, I’ll post a photo soon 😉



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