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I Think I Fucked a Unicorn

February 16, 2013

He messaged me.
Sounded good.
We met for dinner.
He was the first man I’ve ever talked to that really “got” cuckolding.
Do you know how much of a relief that is? It means I don’t have to be on guard making sure my husbands needs are truly met, I don’t have to do all the topping.
As it turned out, the next day in fact, I had some of the best sex I think I’ve ever had in my life. Hubby had the best cuckolding experience he’s ever had.
Holy fuck, I think we won the lottery.
So, yah, that happened.




Wow, Has it really been that long?

March 25, 2012

Has it really been that long since my penis was used for pleasuring a woman? Has it really been that long since writing a post?

We’re still going at it. She has a serious boyfriend and a couple of Friends with Benefits. She can tell you more about that if she feels so inclined. Me? I love my wife more than ever as she does me. We support each other, can talk to each other about anything like the best of friends and we have the hot intimate sex. “What’s that?” you say, “A cuckolded husband having sex?”

There are many ways to make love to your wife as a cuckold and I’m not talking the standard pussy licking either. Want to talk more about that in the next post?


We met an expert bull

October 26, 2010

I was told to sit naked on a chair facing the bed and sit on my hands, my penis sticking straight up begging to be touched, while a dominant man’s big thick cock took all the pleasures of my young wife’s body.

It’s about time we met someone who knew what they were doing when it comes to cuckold play. It’s not surprising he was all the way from San Fransisco where being open and finding what you ask for isn’t as big of a deal as it seems to be here in Vancouver where straight swinging or complete  immersion into BDSM is the en masse titillation.

Online introductions began with my wife and him – as it should be. I never talked to him prior to meeting in person. The two of them are the ones who need to be comfortable with each other. There is no other way to do this for us. If, for some reason it didn’t work out that he was comfortable with me then I simply would have been left out and either made to listen outside, made to watch on cam, made to go home or sit in the hotel lounge and wait. Most times, the guy wants nothing to do with me. The scene is only between my wife and I after the fact. This is not up to me and it’s all part of being a cuckold.

He was in town for an weekend and a bit. We met in the lounge of the hotel he was staying at downtown. I say he is an expert because he knew enough to ask information about us and what we like. This is called ‘negotiation‘ and is a common prequel to safe BDSM scenes and should be a part of any sexual scene, swinging or otherwise. We also had great conversation which, if nothing else, would have been enough of a good time right there. He was bright and we felt at home.

He knew the right moves and she had the right responses and the scene progressed slowly from the lounge to his room.

I am not going to recount every detail here. There are fantasy sites for that. I will give some highlights. Some things that were different and new to us. For one, right at the start I was asked to get naked, go into the bathroom and wank off onto a little hand towel. They laughed when I came back 40 seconds later. Having already been made to cum made zero difference in my arousal. Although I was hard all the way through the scene, the pre-jerking made sure it wasn’t a raging hard on and that I would not be impatient.

At one point he put his boots on my lap which acted as a chastity device, keeping my arousal at bay.

This was the first cuckold experience we had where they both laughed and pointed at me. It was a humiliation scene that I had never experienced before this. I am a lucky man to be married to such a young beautiful wife. What a fun life we lead.


How a Cuckold Got Lucky

April 20, 2009

Last night I got some! Maybe it was the amount of alcohol she consumed left her a bit  unaware. The guy Pearl was with said it was a bit creepy just having me watching so I joined in by caressing her. Boy, there was a lot of caressing until Poppy took the initiative and went down on him. It was then that I made my move.

With her head bobbing up and down on his cock and her ass arched high in the air, my cock like a magnet took aim. I tried my best to hold off. I went down on her expecting to be pushed aside and have my tongue replaced with his cock but when that didn’t happen after a long while instinct took over and I had to slip my cock into her. ecstasy!

It wasn’t long before I was replaced but the memory of that feeling has been refreshed. I did get to slide my cock in again while she was riding him straddled and bent way forward. Yes, two cocks feeling the pleasures of her sweet pussy at the same time. Two cocks in one pussy is a feeling best left for description in a future post. It can be hard to maintain but well worth the trouble.

We all fell asleep at about 5:00am

Waking up was hardest. I woke up too early with daylight pouring into our windows and a rock hard cock. I put a pillow over my head and started drifting back to sleep but not before I felt the bed gently nudging back and forth and soft whispered moans emanating from behind me. They were sneaking in a morning fuck while trying not to disturb me.

He made her cum and left shortly after with her lying in a hungover heap beside me in our bed. I tried to make my move like I did last night but she wasn’t having any of it. “To Sore”. It looks like things are back to normal. She could see how hard I was and gave me a wank with her hand for about 90 seconds and said, “cum!” I did.

By the way: The guy was really nice. He thanked me a number of times for sharing her with him and also told me I was a really lucky man.

I am luckier than he thinks.



December 21, 2007

We’ve had life come at us in all directions. I am realizing we are a well read blog and I think we should start updating again. The thing is we have been in a bit of a down cycle as far as ANY sexual activity goes as we take on what life brings and since this is a cuckolding blog, we just haven’t had much to say, until today that is.

We had been fighting just this last week or so. That on and off bicker then blow up, bicker thing. Anyway, within the fighting we managed to really connect a few times. This was through sexual contact with each other. It was amazin, tender and fluent sexual contact. Tuesday the 18th was especially nice.

Pearl shaved me everywhere. She wants me to dress in frilly feminine things and so she felt it was time I needed to get rid of all my boy body hair. She lit some candles in the bathroom, set the laptop to play nice rythmic goovetronic tunes and set to work defoliaging me with Neet, Nair and a razor. I got a bath a facial and a foot scrub. She really loves me! Later we set to work on each other for a prolonged play time and fell asleep EARLY for once. No. we did not wait until the end of the night to begin.

The next day we were fighting about something again but we quickly made up today and I think one of the reaons for the quick make up talk had something to do with knowing that her ‘go-to-guy’ at the moment has tonight off and she has been planning to see him tonight for a while. I really don’t mind this being one of the reasons for making up. I found it funny when she said that sexual contact brings us closer together and I agreed. I said, even if it’s with someone other than me.

Anyway, she did admit to wanting to see him and I DO feel more connected with her when she can value the trust in our relationship to say it the way it is. She asked if I would give her a ride there and help her pick out a bikini, (I also inspected her bikini shave for her too). I kind of felt like a girl friend to her. A best friend that she has nothing to hide from.

Well, it’s past 1 am and I am getting hard again. got to go and – uh – wait for her in bed.

good night