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Swollen, Sore and The Running of the Bulls

March 12, 2013

In a good way. The kind of way that makes you grin and giggle, for days, every time you stand up and your hips protests because you’re pretty sure they were nearly dislocated from a fuck so good you never wanted it to end. Or, the first bath you take when the hot water washes over your swollen and abraded vagina, again, from a fuck so good you never wanted it to end.
Not only that but he brought me flowers.

Now that I’ve met a fantastic bull I’m not as focused on finding out what makes a good one but I still think it’s a good discussion topic.
Even what makes a good cuckold or…wife? What’s the term for the wife? Why do I not know this!
Or are the definitions too subjective? Personally, I think there’s enough of a common thread running through each persona/role to make for fine list of qualities including the variations that each of us desire.

I’ve had the good fortune of having a few conversations lately with men interested in what bulls were and whether they fit the profile or not. This leads me to believe I should put out a set of guidelines. What do you think?
I’m sure people would love to contribute 😉

Until next time!

A very sore and happy,


an intro scenario

February 9, 2013

“While cuckoldry is a fairly specific description, like most things in life, there is an infinite number of variations on that theme.”

I was corresponding with a potential playmate in our scenario (see what I did there? I avoided the use of the word “bull”) and the above was something he mentioned before asking what my ideal scene would be. That’s a good question.

I don’t have an ideal scene because I haven’t explored all the different variations on the theme but I do have an ideal intro scenario.

My priority is to establish an agreement of trust and respect with the men in the room. Until I feel comfortable knowing my dh won’t be actually disrespected or degraded I remain vigilant and can’t relax into back arching orgasms.

With that in mind I prefer first times to be fairly simple. Me and my new playmate wrestling in the sheets while Richard watches from the corner, maybe naked, maybe not, maybe being reminded of what’s happening and why, maybe not, but definitely being helpful by fetching whatever is needed, be it water, hot towels, more lube etc.

This scene allows me to get a feel for comfort levels, natural inclinations and compatibility.
From there the next scene is tailored to suit all involved and if things are simpatico the sky is the limit really!

What’s your favourite scene? Or, what’s your favourite intro scenario?



Who’s Kink Is It Anyway?

January 6, 2011

Let’s be honest, Cuckolding is a cuckold directed fetish.

I’m going to use the traditional male/female references here even though I know of, and appreciate,  the plethora of gender and sexuality identities out there that cuckold each other.

Anway, what was I saying? Oh, right. If a women was to truly cuckold her husband it would be devastating. Really, trust would be destroyed, values devalued, assumptions and habits questioned and possibly drama created from the “bull”.  I don’t believe any woman (don’t prove me wrong Internet!) would willingly decide they wanted their husbands to become cuckolds. I think the women who make their husbands one do so out of their own desire to get what they want regardless of the consequences. They are cheaters, or, they are Mistresses/Dominatrixes.

The more common scenario is of a man who wants his wife to sleep with someone stronger/bigger/more dominant/better looking than him in order to get a dose of specific humiliation.

But here’s the kicker, it only works if the wife is willing to play the part. What I see most often is the husband searching online & in RL for “bulls” for his wife. Setting up dates &  planning scenarios.
This is called “topping from the bottom” and if the woman isn’t assertive enough, commanding enough, then it doesn’t work for the husband, he’s not being cuckolded. Am I wrong?

So, here’s my dilemma. My husband wants to be cuckolded so badly it takes up a large part of his brainspace just thinking about it. I on the other hand want him to lay the fuck off my sex life. It’s mine and isn’t that what he wants me to think and feel? He’s not going to be cuckolded if he keeps sending me online profiles of bulls because he knows deep down that it’s all his idea. I am a Dominant and I can role play but cuckolding has very distinct specifications.

Last night I told him I was going upstairs to masturbate and then to go to bed while he was still working late into the night. This morning he “suggested” that next time I can invite a booty call over while he’s working and do the same thing, tell him I’m going to come then go to bed.

CH does not understand that him “suggesting” a scenario for MY sex life makes it, in effect, HIS sex life and that, dear readers, just won’t do.

I don’t think he’s ready to accept what  a real cuckold is, I think he’s still rooted in fantasy.






Accidental Cuckoldress

January 5, 2011

I am a cuckoldress because my husband makes me one. I am a cuckoldress because my husband sexuality stems from being submissive, being humilated, used and “cheated on”. CH is admirable true to himself. He knows what he likes and what he wants and he lives authentically. He likes, he needs, to be cuckolded and he married someone who likes, needs, to have sex with other people. Win-Win situation right?
Except it can be frustrating to meet someone I can’t wait to knock boots with and then have to include CH. I have to adapt my extracurricular sex life to this new lifestyle. Even if it’s just in small ways (pun intended) like locking him up before I go out or telling him about it when I get back.

This also is why I am a cuckoldress. I would be fucking other men regardless if CH accepted it or not.  When I do it generally has nothing to do with my marriage. Just me. I am gloriously selfish and demanding when it comes to my sex.  This is where CH is truly cuckolded, is he not?

I am finally coming to terms with my place in this kink. I began this relationship knowing that my husband was kinky and an amazing fuck. We did everything; spankings, bondage, strap-on, wrestling, flogging etc. I knew I could count on him to work me over if I needed it. Now, well, now he’s locked up when we go out which is ironic because he usually has the most beautiful cock in the room. Oh, the lost cause lol

So now I’m a cuckoldress not just because my husband is a self-identified cuckold, not just because I sleep around regardless of his feelings but also by choice.

Coming to terms with this lifestyle has been trying at times but nowhere as near as difficult as trying to find a “bull” that I actually feel comfortable with. The search continues though, wish me luck!



Who me?

July 7, 2010

I am a cuckoldress because I have sex with other men whether my husband likes it or not.

I am also a cuckoldress because my husband, for some reason that I find astounding and hard to imagine, gets off on the fact that someone else is fucking his wife.

There is an important distinction to make here and I think that it’s about who’s needs are being met.

I’ll post more but time’s short, I”m meeting R in about an hour and I should really shave my legs.

I seem to find the men that love giving face, not that I”m complaining 😀