Where did I go?

January 14, 2013

The short answer is that I don’t like writing without authenticity so when I stopped cuckolding Richard I stopped writing.

But why did I stop cuckolding?
The slow decline started when I quit my job and became a full-time housewife and mother. Over time as I started to assume more and more daily responsibilities for my family, including decision making, scheduling, reminders etc, the less I felt I had of myself for myself.

When it came down to it, I didn’t want to add another “task” to my list. Another thing I had to take care of for someone else. I continued to have sex with other men but more for a “vacation” than anything else. Something my husband wasn’t involved with. Somewhere else I could go and forget the laundry, the dishes, the school work, the errands waiting for me.

I’m coming back to it now though, I’ve been attending a local discussion meet-up for cuckolding and it’s been very inspiring 😉 I’ve also been delving deeper into my femdom which lends itself all to easily to cuckolding *grin*

Right now I’m using OkCupid to look for Alpha males to join our little kink. I’ll let you know how it turns out 😉

Until then,



July 6, 2012

In our area of the world there are a fairly large number of kinky meet-ups but none for cuckolding. I wonder why that is?

If you’re a rigger (into rope bondage) you can go to a rope meet, if you’re a swinger you can go to a swing social, if you’re just kinky somewhere along the spectrum there are various munches to attend.

I think it’s because self-identified cuckolds  fit into other categories easily enough. As specific as it is, the kink of cuckolding can be quite accommodating! If you’re into spanking you don’t go to a rope show but if you’re into watching your wife get fucked by a stud, well, you can go to a D/s group, a swing group, a sissy group or even just the bar!

I was recently able to attend a nearby city’s  first ever cuckold meet-up to show my support and I’m certainly glad I did. My cuckolding is not the same as your cuckolding and the more I learned from everyone in the room the bigger my mental “toy bag” became.

And let me say, there’s something special about being surrounded by others like yourself, of understanding and acceptance.

Our fetishes, or sex in general, aren’t something we talk about with others openly. We compartmentalize that specific part of who we are and only open the door in the bedroom or appropriate venue so it’s nice to air out the ol’ closet every now and then.

Is there a place for people in the cuckolding lifestyle to meet and talk where you are? I’d be curious, and happy, to know!


My little online-store, The Cuck Shop, is coming along nicely!
I wanted to do a little promotional offer for the people that have followed our blog. An acknowledgement of thanks, so to speak, but I’m not sure what that would be. Any suggestions???


Something Emotional

June 25, 2012

Ever cried during sex without being in distress?

Last night my boyfriend came over and spent the night. It was only the 2nd time in 4 years he’s been to my house (I kicked hubby out for the weekend) and it’s been two months since we spent any time together naked.

It was amazing.
It was amazing because our relationship has become comfortable enough that I’m not constantly worrying about my breasts sagging or saying something stupid. It was amazing because I had him in my room where I’m used to being in charge. He was a spider in my web. It was amazing because we did things we’ve never done before.

All this amazing culminated into one glorious moment when, his hand inside me, I thought I was going to come but I cried instead.
That’s never happened to me before.

Hubby is still out of the house. I’m glad for that because sometimes a women needs to sit in her own emotions, to feel and honour them, before sharing them.

I’ll enjoy this memory for a few days before I start preparing for the weekend.

On Saturday I have a date with my special lover. Expect another post 😉

Until then,



Special Lovers

May 20, 2012

DH is gone for the long weekend. I’m going out to the local fetish dance party tonight with one of my lovers.

He’s late.

This irritates me because I want to get laid before we hit the club so I can come. Not after when I’ve had a few beers and enough adrenaline in me to throw of my climax-meter.

There’s something special about finding that relationship built on really, really mind-blowing sex. The type of sex that causes a Pavlovian pussy clench response when I start receiving text messages weeks later to plan another date. It’s worth treasuring. I hope everyone gets to experience pussy-clenching, cock-throbbing associative relationships at some point in their lives. It’s better than drugs. It is a drug.

I’m ready to go. I have my over night bag packed; corset, fishnets, condoms and pump-bottle of lube included. My hair and nails done and a recent bikini wax, to boot.

If hubby was here I could sit on his face awhile to kill time.

Waiting, like this, is torture.


– Pearl



April 15, 2012

dh and I had been commenting on the dearth of cuckold paraphernalia that could be found and what exactly would there be to find, sooooo, we decided to open up shop. To that end we purchased http://www.cuckshop.com. There isn’t any content or design yet but it’s a first step. What do you think of the name? What type of items would you like to see sold?




April 15, 2012

"Nice to be home, Darling."


boyfriends vs bulls

April 7, 2012

I have a boyfriend.  A serious one. I also have a fuckbuddy, he’s  young, cute and hung. And, as of last month dh and I have become involved with another couple. Yes, I am having lots of sex, lucky girl that I am 😉

The only snag in my little castle-in-the-sky set up is that my dear, sweet, denied husband doesn’t feel cuckolded by any of the other men. Now why is that? Is it because they aren’t big strapping men? Is it because he feels mentally and emotionally superior? Or is it because I’m attracted to genuinely all-around nice guys who it’s easy to be friends with? I think the latter has more to do with the case at hand. From this assumption I come to two interesting observations; it is difficult to find a bull if you aren’t looking for a “Bull” and my husband’s cuckold experience has A LOT to do with the other men involved.

I’m not attracted to traditional Bulls. Be they the American “mandingo” or the Dominan- Sir-Daddy-Manly-Man-Man which is what you find if you stand at the top of the hill yelling “Bulls, looking for Bulls here!” (i.e. posting a CL ad). More likely, if you mention cuckolding at all, the majority of responses one receives will be from other cucks. Thanks, I have one already.
I think that there must be other words, other codes and signals to use, to attract the men who don’t know about cuckolding, or consider themselves part of the scenario, but are kinky enough that they would fall naturally into the role. They’re far enough removed from the stereotype to avoid wearing the role like a heavy mantel but close enough to “get it” and play along. I want to meet those men. The ones who will play with me, a naturally dominant sensualist, and my cuckold, a masculine sissy and have a lot of fun doing it. I guess what I’m getting at is a bull who doesn’t take himself to seriously. That has to be possible, right?

As for my husband’s inability to see my cocks (heh) as bulls, well, I don’t know the answer to that. Nobody said I was, or we were, perfect 😉